Friday, January 30, 2009

Kelly's Filmworks LTD

This site has reached its first milestone. For the first time on Reviews Plus+, I present something different. Even though I started music reviews to the side for, this will be the first non-book post on this site. Over the next couple weeks, I will be tackling reviews for a company, their movies, and the books that inspired a couple of the movies they have produced. First, let me introduce you to:

Kelly's Filmworks LTD is a self-proclaimed "mom and pop production company" based in Louisville, Kentucky. Since its inception in 2003 (with its first film, La Sposa) it has sought to bring a meaningful "storytelling element" to the independent film community by ripping yarns that feature interesting human characters and dialogue. Their web address is
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kelly Worthington, Jefferson Moore
· 'La Sposa' 2004
· 'The Perfect Stranger' 2005
· 'Another Perfect Stranger' 2007
· 'The Stranger' television miniseries 2007
· 'Clancy' 2009 (in Theatres March 9, 2009)
· 'The Perfect Gift' - Christmas 2009 (in production)

This film company produces thought-provoking videos that entertain the whole family. Movie based on The Bible and Dinner with a Perfect Stranger and A Day with a Perfect Stranger, who could go wrong with movies ranging from a wife contemplating love to Jesus Living among us to a story of pain. Check them out or if you’re ready purchase click here.

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